December 2019

► Documentation of Clinical Reasoning in Admission Notes of Hospitalists: Validation of the CRANAPL Assessment Rubric

clinical reasoning

Top Qualifications Hospitalist Leaders Seek in Candidates: Results from a National Survey


High-Goal ‘Lytes: Repletion Gone Awry?

lyte repletion

Opioid Utilization and Perception of Pain Control in Hospitalized Patients: A Cross-Sectional Study of 11 Sites in 8 Countries
opioid use

Pain in the United States: Time for a Culture Shift in Expectations, Messaging, and Management

pain editorial

Things We Do for No Reason: Systemic Corticosteroids for Wheezing in Preschool-Aged Children


November 2019

Community Pediatric Hospitalist Workload: Results from a National Survey

Improving Respiratory Rate Accuracy in the Hospital: A Quality Improvement Initiative

Potentially Inappropriate Use of Intravenous Opioids in Hospitalized Patients

Leadership & Professional Development: Ultra-Brief Teaching; It’s Now or Never

Things We Do For No Reason: Failing to Question a Penicillin Allergy History

Nurturing Sustainability in a Growing Community Pediatric Hospital Medicine Workforce

October 2019

Inpatient Communication Barriers and Drivers When Caring for Limited English Proficiency Children

Thinking Aloud: How Nurses Rationalize Responses to Monitor Alarms

Collective Action and Effective Dialogue to Address Gender Bias in Medicine

Ultrasound Guidance for Lumbar Puncture: A Consideration, Not an Obligation

Improving Resident Feedback on Diagnostic Reasoning after Handovers: The LOOP Project

Leadership & Professional Development: Empowering Educators

Things We Do for No Reason™: Discontinuing Buprenorphine When Treating Acute Pain

September 2019

An Acute Care for Elders Quality Improvement Program for Complex, High-Cost Patients Yields Savings for the System

ace units

Things We Do For No Reason: Use of Antipsychotic Medications in Patients with Delirium


Frequently Hospitalized Patients’ Perceptions of Factors Contributing to High Hospital Use

frequent patients

Often Off-label: Questionable Gabapentinoid Use Noted at Hospital Admission Warrants Deprescribing


Patient Perspective is Critical in Developing Interventions for Frequently Admitted Patients

pt perspective

Leadership & Professional Development: Searching for Ideas Close to Home


August 2019

An Academic Research Coach: An Innovative Approach to Increasing Scholarly Productivity in Medicine

Academic Coach

How Much Time are Physicians and Nurses Spending Together at the Patient Bedside?

Bedside Rounding

Quantity, Quality, or Neither–Measuring the Effectiveness of Rounds

Effectiveness of Rounds

Mission-Driven Criteria for Life and Career


Waiting for Godot: The Quest to Promote Scholarship in Hospital Medicine


July 2019

Leadership & Professional Development: Sponsored—Catapulting Underrepresented Talent off the Cusp and into the Game


Leading By Example: How Medical Journals Can Improve Representation in Academic Medicine

Methods for Research Evidence Synthesis: The Scoping Review Approach

June 2019

An Advanced Practice Provider Clinical Fellowship as a Pipeline to Staffing a Hospitalist Program

Hospital at Home and Emergence of the Home Hospitalist

Leadership and Professional Development: TIME’S UP for Hospital Medicine

April 2019

Leadership & Professional Development: Be the Change You Want to See

Things We Do for No Reason: Routine Echocardiography in Hemodynamically Stable Patients with Acute Pulmonary Embolism

See None, Do None, Teach None? The Idiosyncratic Nature of Graduate Medical Education

March 2019

Reducing Unnecessary Treatment of Asymptomatic Elevated Blood Pressure with Intravenous Medications on the General Internal Medicine Wards: A Quality Improvement Initiative

Things We Do For No Reason: Contact Precautions for MRSA and VRE

Leadership & Professional Development: Know Your TLR

February 2019

Things We Do for No Reason: Prescribing Docusate for Constipation in Hospitalized Adults

Hire Hard, Manage Easy

Deimplementation of Routine Chest X-rays in Adult Intensive Care Units

January 2019

► The Association of Discharge Before Noon and Length of Stay in Hospitalized Pediatric Patients


► Clinical Operations Research: A New Frontier for Inquiry in Academic Health Systems

clin ops

►Nudging Providers to Improve Sleep for Hospitalized Patients