June 2020

Choosing Wisely in the COVID-19 Era: Preventing Harm to Healthcare Workers

Leadership & Professional Development: Authentic Impact: Grow Your Influence by Building Your Brand

Intensive Care Unit Utilization After Adoption of a Ward-Based High-Flow Nasal Cannula Protocol

Melatonin Increasingly Used in Hospitalized Patients

Setting an Agenda for Hospital Medicine Research: Making Sure the Right People Are at the Table

April/May 2020

All Hands on Deck: Learning to “Un-specialize” in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Finding the Value in Personal Protective Equipment for Hospitalized Patients During a Pandemic and Beyond

Education in a Crisis: The Opportunity of Our Lives

Children’s Hospitals Caring for Adults During a Pandemic: Pragmatic Considerations and Approaches

March 2020

MISSION Possible, but Incomplete: Pairing Better Access with Better Transitions in Veteran Care

Portable Ultrasound Device Usage and Learning Outcomes Among Internal Medicine Trainees: A Parallel-Group Randomized Trial

Fulfilling the Potential of Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Hospital Medicine

Leadership & Professional Development: Cultivating Habits for the Hospitalist

The Association between Limited English Proficiency and Sepsis Mortality

February 2020

Things We Do For No Reason: Routine Blood Culture Acquisition for Children Hospitalized with Community-Acquired Pneumonia

Turning Your Passion into Action: Becoming a Physician Advocate

Impact of the Choosing Wisely® Campaign Recommendations for Hospitalized Children on Clinical Practice: Trends from 2008 to 2017

Leadership & Professional Development: A Letter to the Future Teaching Physician


When Horses and Zebras Coexist: Achieving Diagnostic Excellence in the Age of High-Value Care

January 2020

Cognitive Biases Influence Decision-Making Regarding Postacute Care in a Skilled Nursing Facility

Improving the Transition of Intravenous to Enteral Antibiotics in Pediatric Patients with Pneumonia or Skin and Soft Tissue Infections

Leadership & Professional Development: Make the Most of Your Oranges

Quantifying the Risks of Hospitalization—Is It Really as Safe as We Believe?

Worry Loves Company, but Unnecessary Consultations May Harm the Patients We Comanage