Innovations in hospital medicine theme issue: A call for papers

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In 10 short years, the explosive growth in the number of hospitalists has made hospital medicine programs the cornerstone of many innovations that support the institutions they serve: expanded inpatient care, developing consultative and comanagement services, hospital capacity management, improved patient quality and safety practices, and more. Hospitalist teams have demonstrated a genuine commitment to improving the hospital system, with literature supporting that hospitalists can positively affect cost, length of stay, quality of care, and, at academic institutions, education.1 To the casual observer, these hospitalist groups and the solutions they bring may seem fairly uniform; however, to the discerning eye, nothing could be farther from the truth. Hospital medicine programs, and their innovations, are as varied as the hospitals they serve.

Although the challenges encountered in hospital systems have clear, institution‐specific elements, common themes are often encountered by clinicians that parallel those seen at other facilities. Unfortunately, widely disseminated articles from peer‐reviewed journals on hospital‐based innovations have not been available for other hospitalists to use and glean ideas from for use at their home institutionsuntil now. The Journal of Hospital Medicine is pleased to announce the creation of that opportunity.

This year, the Journal of Hospital Medicine will publish articles on and later a supplement dedicated to innovations in hospital medicine. We invite authors to submit manuscripts related to any successful innovation they initiated in their hospital. We will consider any original work that pertains to hospital medicine, including but not limited to clinical innovations, educational programs, quality and safety initiatives, and administrative or academic issues. When available and appropriate, we encourage outcomes to be reported.

To be able to publish articles on a significant number of innovations, we request manuscripts be a maximum of 1500 words with no more than 2 tables or figures and fewer than 15 references. The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2007. All submitted manuscripts will undergo both editorial review by JHM staff and peer review. Authors should consult JHM's instructions for authors2 for guidelines on manuscript submission and preparation.


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