Perspectives in Hospital Medicine

Opportunities and Challenges for Improving the Patient Experience in the Acute and Post–Acute Care Setting Using Patient Portals: The Patient’s Perspective


Efforts to improve the patient experience are increasingly focusing on engaging patients and their “care partners” by using patient portals. The Acute Care Patient Portal Task Force was supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to convene a national meeting of an interdisciplinary group of stakeholders, including patient advocates, to consider how the acute and postacute care patient experience can be improved by using patient-facing technologies. We identified key opportunities and challenges for enhancing cognitive support, promoting respect while maintaining boundaries, and facilitating patient and family empowerment through the lens of the patient. Institutions, clinicians, and vendors would benefit tremendously by considering these 3 patient-centered themes when partnering with patients and family advisors to implement and realize the full potential of patient portals to enhance the acute and postacute care experience.

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