Out with the Old, in with the New

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A new year often comes with resolutions to jettison old tendencies, increase emphasis on what has been successful, and develop new habits. For 2018, the Journal of Hospital Medicine’s year begins with resolutions that span these same areas.

The journal has been incredibly successful over the last 5 years, with a near doubling in the volume of manuscripts we have been receiving; the rise in submissions has been paralleled by the increased quality of submissions. JHM has moved on from our old approach of seeking out authors and research to having great research and authors seek us. In 2018, we expect that the challenges of our startup days will continue to recede into the past.

Many of JHM’s old habits have been incredibly successful, and we recommit ourselves to these areas. JHM is committed to providing the best possible service to its authors in the form of the rapid processing of papers under our charge and, most importantly, the highest quality peer and editorial review. Our internal mantra of “making papers better whether we accept them or not” remains a cornerstone of our efforts. The journal has been innovative in developing new and influential series, such as the Things We Do For No Reason and the Choosing Wisely®: Next Steps series. JHM’s focus on digital dissemination and social media grew further in 2017, with the #JHMChat Twitter journal clubs engaging hundreds of participants and generating literally millions of impressions.

For 2018, JHM will continue to develop and innovate in areas that reflect the field of Hospital Medicine as well as trends in peer-reviewed publishing. I am particularly excited to see the launch of a new series entitled “In the Hospital,” a series of papers that will highlight the role of connectedness, humanism, and resilience in creating the social fabric of the hospital workplace. We have renewed our relationship with the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation to support both the Things We Do For No Reason series as well as Choosing Wisely®: Next Steps, series that will help flesh out aspects of healthcare that remain central to our practice as policies and payment models change.

As our practices become nearly wholly contained within digital workspaces, JHM will begin to highlight digital health papers in newsletters while also developing increased expertise internally. The transition to digital platforms for clinical care will be reflected in the revisiting of JHM’s digital dissemination strategy, in which we will be working to more rapidly publish papers online, often online only and with more frequent accompaniment by blogs, tweets, and the ability for readers to comment.

Our editorial sensibilities will not change; JHM’s goal is to reflect Hospital Medicine’s traditional focus areas on health-systems improvement as a discipline. But beginning in 2018 and for the future, we will also push the field and Hospital Medicine practice by publishing papers that change how we care for patients and suggest fundamental changes in how we manage diseases.

Finally, all of these efforts will be contained within a brilliant new layout and design schema, the first new design for JHM since its first issue more than 12 years ago.

JHM’s past successes and future initiatives are the result of old habits we hope to renew: a deep commitment from JHM’s editors, to whom I am deeply thankful, and from our authors, peer reviewers, and readers who help us put forward a journal that continues to grow in excellence and influence. We look forward to renewing these commitments during 2018 and welcome your help.

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