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Comparison of Parent Report with Administrative Data to Identify Pediatric Reutilization Following Hospital Discharge


Healthcare providers rely on historical data reported by parents to make medical decisions. The Hospital to Home Outcomes (H2O) trial assessed the effects of a one-time home nurse visit following pediatric hospitalization for common conditions. The H2O primary outcome, reutilization (hospital readmission, emergency department visit, or urgent care visit), relied on administrative data to identify reutilization events after discharge. We sought to compare parent recall of reutilization events two weeks after discharge with administrative records. Agreement was relatively high for any reutilization (kappa 0.74); however, this high agreement was driven by agreement between sources when no reutilization occurred (sources agreed 98%-99%). Agreement between sources was lower when reutilization occurred (48%-76%). Some discrepancies were related to parents misclassifying the site of care. The possibility of inaccurate parent report of reutilization has clinical implications that may be mitigated by confirmation of parent-reported data through verification with additional sources, such as electronic health record review.

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