Open access content is immediately and permanently available online and allows users to link, read, download, store, use, and data-mine the content of that article, even commercially, without permission—provided that credit is given to the original authors and journal.

All accepted open access articles receive the following open access benefits:

  • Articles will be published under the CC-BY license
  • The author will retain the copyright of the article
  • The article will be freely available in perpetuity on the journal website for any user, worldwide
  • The article will have the OPEN indicator published on the article in the PDF and online to make it visible to readers that the article is open access

All open access articles are subject to peer review, editorial oversight, and the journal’s production process. The submission and review process for open access articles will follow the same process as for non-open access articles, but there are additional forms and steps that need to be taken in order to publish your work as open access.

Authors have up to one year to request that their article be published as open access.

Author Requirements

An Article Process Charge (APC) of $4,000 ($2,000 for SHM members) is payable to the publisher in order to publish open access on this site, and completion of licensing and payment forms. If you wish to request Open Access, email [email protected], and within 2 weeks of the request, the publisher will email you the invoice.

Editorial Office

Robert Litchkofski
Managing Editor, Journal of Hospital Medicine
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