Top 10 articles of the last 10 years

This virtual issue of JHM provides readers a compendium of the ten most downloaded and cited papers published in the Journal in its first 10 editions. These highly downloaded and cited articles are ones that represent a wide range of topics of clinical and operational importance to the field. Those cited have been recognized by other scholars and researchers as key evidence generated by Hospital Medicine researchers. They exemplify the impact of the specialty of hospital medicine on health care delivery in the U.S. We are proud of their influence through publication in JHM.

Our 10th volume will continue the work of promoting scholarship and inquiry in hospital medicine by retaining a clear focus on the science that represents the best of an intellectual agenda for our field. To achieve this important goal, the Journal of Hospital Medicine and the field will need to develop durable evidence for not only how hospitalists deliver care, but also evidence for how care can be improved by providing better value. Stated differently, hospitalists and the Journal of Hospital Medicine will need to be focused not only on improving quality of healthcare delivery, but also on evaluating new technologies, drugs, and devices that enhance the quality and efficiency of a patient-centered health system. If a treatment or diagnostic test is not indicated, patients benefit immensely by avoiding harm and cost in a value-focused health system. Hospitalists can and should contribute to research identifying optimal, high value hospital care.

Mark and I are deeply honored to have been stewards of this journal for its first 10 editions, and are confident that the combination of high quality peer review and new article offerings will only enhance our ability to share impactful research, perspectives, clinically useful reviews, and interactive case conundrums with Journal of Hospital Medicine readers. We look forward to the Journal of Hospital Medicine's 10th volume, and to the continued evolution of the Journal of Hospital Medicine as the keystone of scholarship for our specialty.

Andrew D. Auerbach MD MPH
Professor of Medicine in Residence
UCSF Division of Hospital Medicine
Editor in Chief, Journal of Hospital Medicine

Mark V. Williams, MD, FACP, MHM
Founding Editor, Journal of Hospital Medicine
Chief, Division of Hospital Medicine
Professor & Vice-Chair, Department of Internal Medicine
Director, Center for Health Services Research University of Kentucky


Making inpatient medication reconciliation patient centered, clinically relevant and implementable: A consensus statement on key principles and necessary first steps

Promoting effective transitions of care at hospital discharge: A review of key issues for hospitalists

The key principles and characteristics of an effective hospital medicine group: An assessment guide for hospitals and hospitalists

Observation and inpatient status: Clinical impact of the 2-midnight rule

Measuring the modified early warning score and the Rothman Index: Advantages of utilizing the electronic medical record in an early warning system

Acute coronary syndrome

Hospital performance trends on national quality measures and the association with joint commission accreditation

The core competencies in hospital medicine: A framework for curriculum development by the society of hospital medicine

Iliac vein compression syndrome: An underdiagnosed cause of lower extremity deep venous thrombosis

Aspirin versus anticoagulation for prevention of venous thromboembolism major lower extremity orthopedic surgery: A systematic review and meta-analysis


Promoting effective transitions of care at hospital discharge: A review of key issues for hospitalists

Managing discontinuity in academic medical centers: Strategies for a safe and effective resident sign-out

Reduction of 30-Day Postdischarge Hospital Readmission or Emergency Department (ED) Visit Rates in High-Risk Elderly Medical Patients Through Delivery of a Targeted Care Bundle

Mastery learning of thoracentesis skills by internal medicine residents using simulation technology and deliberate practice

Use of Simulation-Based Mastery Learning to Improve the Quality of Central Venous Catheter Placement in a Medical Intensive Care Unit

Transition of care for hospitalized elderly patients - Development of a discharge checklist for hospitalists

Hospitalist Handoffs: A Systematic Review and Task Force Recommendations

Inpatient management of diabetes and hyperglycemia among general medicine patients at a large teaching hospital

Transitions of Care Consensus Policy Statement: American College of Physicians, Society of General Internal Medicine, Society of Hospital Medicine, American Geriatrics Society, American College of Emergency Physicians, and Society for Academic Emergency Medicine

Diabetes care in hospitalized noncritically ill patients: More evidence for clinical inertia and negative therapeutic momentum